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Geographically Kerala is a small state in the REPUBLIC OF INDIA sandwiched with thick forest of Western Ghats, midlands and sandy beaches of Arabian Sea; more than 600kms from south to north. The major cities are Cochin, Trivandrum & Calicut. Centuries back these cities are the major kingdoms of India called Kochi, Travancore & Malabar. Theses kingdoms merchandise huge quantity of commodities likes spices, cash crops, jewels and even small ships to Middle East, Europe, UK, Portugal, etc.... since 700 years.

Mythologocially Kerala -“Gods own country” - created by Lord Parasuraman from the ocean; costumed with water, vegetation & sky; colored by blue and green. This magnificent lady has a lot to offer from her majestic laps. Myths & faiths, traditions & culture, rituals & festivals, heritage & colonial monuments, village life, misty hills & valleys, lush green forest & meadows, farms & plantations, vegetations & spice gardens, paddy field & cultivations, wildlife & bird sanctuaries, sparkling sandy beaches, oceans and back waters, lake & lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, streams, rain, mist, monsoons and lot more showered by God in the landmass of Kerala.

Halones Holidays Tours & Travels, an angel of “Gods own country” welcomes each and every one of the global village to the amazing green rich geographical land mass - KERALA-. 

“a thing of beauty is a joy forever”
Halones holidays Tours & Travels managed by highly experienced experts handling, plantations, farms, real estates & exims to Middle east, Europe, UK. For diversification & expansion of our concerns, we enter to the valley of tourism industry. We dedicated our service experiences, management efficiency, wholehearted will and wishes to our guests for finest, happiest & memorable KERALA VISITS.
" a responsible guide for exotic Kerala”


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1. Efficient & friendly service

Our expert team takes pride in their thoughtful approach to planning your holiday. We find out what you think might make it extra special, then sprinkle in our own special little touches

2.  A personal touch

From first contact, through the duration of your stay, and until you are safely home again, we are with you. You will know your personal travel consultant both by name and by face, as we make it a practice to greet our clients personally and go through the entire trip.

3. Why Choose us

Our thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts are here to take care of every need, from the second you contact us to when you return

4. Passionate, honest experts

We’re here to take the stress out of the holiday planning process. You can be as involved as you want, and you are always in control. Everything is tailored to your exact needs and tastes